Bank details, sexts and naked selfies are the things to hide

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  • 8 years ago
  • Posted: December 11, 2013 at 3:10 pm

You have a phone, yes. What’s in it? Photos mostly selfies, text messages and personal details. Personal details would include details of bank accounts, social media accounts, emails, to do list, call logs, contact details, and so many others. Most of you, if asked to share your phones with others, will grudge. Why? Because your smarthpones contain your bank detils, sexts and naked selfies you would rather hide.

I always say you can take mine although it is password guarded. The fact that most people would not want to let their spouses, friends, children, and co-workers in that order sneak into their phones made  “Clean Master — a KS Mobile product that claims to be able to really, really delete naked Snapchatssponsor research to uncover what it is that people like to hide.

According to the findings of the research, it is not the naked selfies or sext texts that Americans really do not want to share but but bank details. 25% of the 1000 respondents cited that they won’t allow their friends, children and co-workers have access to their phones  because they store bank details in there. Those who have naked selfies and will regret exposing them are only 8%, about 3 times less compared to the former.

Then there was the content in email and texts that a number of the respondents would better keep hidden. I hope this include social media inboxes and DMs. Interesting though is the finding that twice as many men as women have naked selfies of themselves and four times as many men as women have naked photos of others (these others would be women, right?)

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Those are Americans. What about you, what would you rather hide from your spouse, friends, chidlren, co-workers and strangers like me?

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