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  • Posted: December 9, 2013 at 7:36 pm

That phone that results from mashing Samsung Galaxy S4 inside Galaxy Note 3 has been made and called Samsung Galaxy J. What Samsung Galaxy J incorporates are majorly the best from the two worlds. With a metallic like back cover, Samsung Galaxy J promise elegance along its design motto, “Just elegant.”

Samsung Galaxy J gives us a hint of what Samsung is up to in 2014 when it will release the now rumored Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has been criticized for years for offering cheap plastic covers for all of its phones ever since the debut of my long time favorite Samsung Galaxy S 2.

Anyhow Samsung Galaxy J is basically  a top notch phone coming with a 5″ screen with 441 ppi, 13 MP rear camera. Funny is that all the reviews available for Samsung Galaxy J currently do not mention whether the metallic looking back cover is indeed a metal or just plastic made to look like a metal.

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or rather you would really like to have some of those Samsung Galaxy Note 3 magical features and feel in a Samsung Galaxy S4, then Samsung Galaxy J is what you ought to go for. Although the phone is set to be available in several countries after awhile, currently you’ll have to go to Taiwan or Japan to lay your hands on it.

Here is the video on the phone’s release.

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