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  • Posted: December 3, 2013 at 11:55 am

The bendable phones are out. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG’s G Flex handsets introduced in late October and mid November this year respectively. The Samsung Galaxy Round and the G Flex phones take lessons from the Curved OLED TVs introduced by the two companies earlier in the year at CES 2013; that is they are fixed curves. There is a problem with fixed curved displays though, if you want to change the viewing angle, you have to walk over to the TV, adjust the TV set, walk back to the seating position, and verify that your adjustment achieved the desired viewing angle.

Samsung and LG think that that process is quite cumbersome. To make your work easier, they are set to introduce flexible displays in the course of next year. Flexible TV display means the screen will be able to self adjust by curving in, curving out, according to the viewing angle desired. To achieve desired curvature, one will only seat in position and press the remote control.

The LG’s flexible TV comes from the report that “the company’s head of TV will meet with clients and reporters for the first time as president and will promote something new.” A Samsung official was right on point when he said, “We will also unveil a remote bendable OLED TV that hasn’t been seen before,”

TechRadar talks about wonders of technology when they write, “While the idea of bendable TVs is novel, there is apparently a solution in the form of customized software that keeps images from being distorted as the screen moves.”

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