Nokia Lumia 1020 saved a wedding

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From the time I got myself a phone I have forever remained a Nokia Lunatic and this is why I have never been in good moods ever since Samsung stole the limelight from Nokia. Truth is I’ve been angry; angry at Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and most of all Apple. Apple tops the list of those who make me angry because if they never came up with the iPhone crap Samsung could not have come up with the Samsung Galaxy madness. Worst is that these iPhone Galaxy shenanigans invented their crap at a time when Nokia was busy innovating palm held computers in Nokia N and E series.

You remember Nokia N95? I almost bought that one then some Steve (others call him Jobs) came up with this stupid idea of an iPhone. I truly think Steve used charm from Kamba land or consulted the witches in Tanzania. How else would you explain the followership iSheep have developed for iPhone simply because an i prefixes a phone? A phone that the masses had rejected? If you have doubts just Google the reaction people had on touch screen based phones before the i was added as a prefix. Or, how else would you explain people suddenly ditching the real deals like E65 and forever killing my desire to one day own a Nokia N95? You think I’m kidding? Read this comment from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 user posted in Gsmarena:

Thanks to Nokia for This Phone Because Nokia N95 Best Phone Ever, I am the user of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but as compare to samsung, always Nokia is Superb and Great Phone for Photography & User Friendly.

Wait a minute; I have not explained why I’m angry at Microsoft. You see Apple’s decision to use charm to make us believe that a phone with a touch screen is the in-thing and Nokia’s refusal to buy part of the charm made Nokia relinquish her title as the king of mobile phones to Apple by industry profits and Samsung by sales volumes. Fact is Nokia has lost her position in the mobile telephony market until she thinks the best thing to do is to sell herself to Microsoft. What good is there in a mobile world without Nokia as a brand name? When Nokia will finally be a brand of the past, I’ll only have Microsoft to blame. There is also this thing called ecosystem that makes me hate Microsoft. Nokia Lumia phones are running on Windows. Phone experts I have consulted whenever I want to buy a Lumia phone advise me not to because Windows ecosystem is inferior to iOS ecosystem or even Android ecosystem; why did Microsoft decide to give Lumia an inferior ecosystem whatever ecosystem is supposed to mean?

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But we always have some good news. In the past years from 2011 Nokia has tried to play catch up so they have been introducing some phones.  Nokia came up with Nokia N9 and now the Lumia series. In July this year Nokia decided to cool me down by releasing the Nokia Lumia 1020. This is it. There is something so special about the Nokia Lumia 1020, you touch it and it feels Nokia. It feels great and looks fresh. It is a phone for a girl with taste and style. If given as a present, it rekindles the giggles once had at the “love in first site” memories. And best of all, it has a camera, no, more than a camera. Nokia Lumia 1020 features a 41 Megapixel gigantic pure view camera that first appeared on Nokia Pureview 808. I’m not a tech savvy but I’ll tell you why Nokia Lumia 1020’s PureView Camera is more than a camera.

Last Month I went to a relatives wedding in Busia County, the organizers had invited a “photo man” as they referred to him. On the wedding morning events kicked off as had planned, it was still raining cats and dogs since the previous night. The bad weather wasn’t really bad if you have a phone with a camera like Nokia Lumia 1020’s. The sales man convinced me to buy the on the premise that Lumia 1020 works magic during bad weather. To demonstrate, he shared with me some of the photos that had been taken by the phone in bad weather. Have a look at some of these images and tell me if they aren’t great


Fruitful frost

Then he showed me something about Lumia 1020’s Darshing Dark capabilities. That is, you can create ghosts. Have a look.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 ghosts

With these in mind I decided to take some pictures along the way, making the bad weather trip memorable. Take a peek at one of the pictures I took.

Nokia Lumia 1020 rain

All roads were leading to the St. Nicholus Catholic church with sirens of the bridal convoy full of sleek cars for wedding ceremony. As the journey began, it was clearly noticeable that there was no sign of photo shooting taking place.

“Where is the photo man?” cried the Planner.

No one was able to respond to him since nobody knew what to answer; then they freaked out. I wasn’t freaked. My trusted Nokia Lumia 1020 had already done her magic on my way there and the absence of the camera man gave her the opportunity to prove her best…and right away I started taking photos of every important moment. From the time the bride walked down the aisle to “you may now kiss”, shots were fired; at times turning on the Xenon flash and at times without a flash.

Immediately after the kissing moment of the wedding event, arrived a middle aged man on an old bicycle with an analogue camera hanging around his neck. For some reason he was amusing, I giggled. An analogue camera contracted for Ksh. 20,000 in this era? The man packed his Mercedes bike running towards the happily married couple and began covering the almost ending event. I had captured all the important scene using my phone but I continued till the end.

After the bride and groom had left I rushed to the nearby studio shared where they got processed within a blink of an eye, paid for the services wholeheartedly, and later same day supplied the pictures at the evening party. Individuals and the wedding planner were impressed by the image quality a mere phone could produce. The pictures sold like hot cake with the wedding planner agreeing to pay me the Kshs 20,000 they had in budget without second thoughts.

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The following day, we were treated to real life drama when the fellow brought his poor pixated pictures to claim his Ksh. 20,000. No one could believe that images taken by a mere phone and processed within minutes could be a thousand times better than those taken by the physically big camera. Worst is no one has been able to see the video I recorded when the camera man caused drama as he complained of the loan he had taken to participate in the Jaza Keja na Samsung promotion.

Although Nokia might die, I now have a valuable memory of the brand in the Nokia Lumia 1020; probably more valuable than my childhood dream of owning the Nokia N95.

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