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  • Posted: November 21, 2013 at 11:38 am

I’m not a religious nor a spiritual person so when I read some headlines involving religion I don’t have much of an opinion. But being a person with Samsung [email protected] 222 that among other features has this Gibla direction under Apps that up until now has remained a msytery, I thought that SIM card for Muslims is worth my attention. Google has since then informed me that Gibla is “the direction of the Kaaba (the sacred building at Mecca), to which Muslims turn at prayer.”

I understand that when Muslims pray, they do so facing the sacred building at Mecca. This however might be very hard to achieve especially when a Muslim finds himself in new territory. To help them work around this predicament, a number of phone manufacturers like LG, Samsung and any other have been incorporated in their devices features for providing Gilba direction and other Islamic useful tools like determining prayer times. Smartphones also have numerous apps that can be downloaded to help provide the Islamic functionalities.

But Yiannis Hatzopoulis, a Greek Engineer, thought about all the solutions available in the market for Muslims and still felt that these are not enough. He reasoned that most Muslims in Asia and Africa have more than 1 billion feature phones that do not have the Islamic features and cannot have these features installed as they do not have smartphones. To solve this, he came up with the idea of designing an Islamic SIM Service (ISS) that will enable users to track the direction of the Kaa’bah, receive accurate prayer timing, convert dates between Gregorian and Arabic calendars and automatically ban incoming calls during prayer time.

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Hatzopoulis defended his idea of SIM card for Muslims saying that in most place in Africa and Asia, there isn’t enough coverage of 3G network that would support seamless functionality of apps so smartphone users still need the cheap alternative in a SIM card for Muslims. The SIM card has since been show cased in Cape Town. Hopefully mass availability of the SIM card will be sooner than later.


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