Pivetta Opera Only: The amp worth Kshs 190 million

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  • 8 years ago
  • Posted: November 19, 2013 at 8:39 pm

You read that right, an Italian has developed the most expensive amp for audio experience in the name of Pivetta Opera Only. Technically it is just an amp artistically designed to open up whenever in use. This is how it does open up:

The Opera Only amplifier, the most expensive amp in the world.

Image by Yahoo

Although OnlyCreative markets the amp as “massively sized, heroically engineered and overtly styled”, I personally price the value of an amp by power delivery. The Pivetta Opera Only amp weighs a whooping 1,500Kgs or 1.5 tons (basically it is not meant for those without a trailer) has been critiqued to offer only 120 watt of music. Come on, a 20K worth of Sony Home Theatre promises to deliver 1000 watts of music although in reality 200 watts of music is way too loud for a home setup.

So why would someone spend 190 million shillings to by Pivetta Opera Only nightmare? Because it magically opens itself up (to make it worse predictably) every time it is in use? But there is something about these rich folks. They tend to buy useless gadgets just because they are either artistically designed or by the mere fact that some carats of gold are embedded someone on or in the gadget. How else would you explain a billionaire paying for $10 million for a phone with less than 5MP Camera and a screen size less than 3.5 inches and lacks a touch screen interface?

Someone else would ask, what if you had the shs 190 million to spend on Pivetta Opera Only, where else would you prefer to spend it? I would say, to buy a graffiti.

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Enjoy your Pivetta Opera Only, I’m out.

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