Daily Nation reports that Nyahururu court intends to set up a Facebook Page that it will update daily to alert litigants on the dates their cases are due. This, they say, will hep the litigants save time and money that they use to travel in order to follow up on their cases.

“The Facebook updates will enable litigants to know which court is hearing their case and also save police the headache of transporting exhibits to court if a particular court is not sitting.” said Senior Principal Magistrate Denis Mikoyani.

The use of Facebook and Twitter has accelerated in the Government circles since last year, and as we have mentioned in the post Tech savvy Governor, in addition to Press Statements and situational updates it is time the Government went a step further and interacted with citizens on Social Media.

On matters interaction, this reminds me of the President’s Website that was setup to fight corruption. Avon Barksdale ?@roomthinker asked Dennis Itumbi ?@OleItumbi the number of corruption cases so far reported and what the government is doing about them. Dennis Itumbi ?@OleItumbi has so far responded that there have been 1,867 corruption reports have through website and SMS number 33000. He did not clarify on what the Government is doing or has done about them.

These types of interaction if continued and accelerated are important ingredients in ensuring improved integrity, speed and transparency in Government’s activities.


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