Android KitKat features

nexusae0_BTQIADeCUAAJ3WN_thumb1Google finally availed the Android KitKat that they have been teasing around for some time now. The exciting thing about KitKat, even before we look at the tweaks that have been brought to the new OS, is that it is compatible with affordable phones running on smaller RAMs, as small as 512MB. Until now most phones with RAM below 1GB could only run on Gingerbread but KitKat wants to bring them up to date with latest from OS world. That’s really cool of Google.

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So what has KitKat brought to the table?

The dialer is now part of Google Search. At the dialer you can enter the name of a business, Google search will look up for the contacts online and you are good to go, just call. You may decide to add the contact to your Address book later. And if some strange number that you haven’t saved in your address book is calling, the dialer will try to search for the name of the caller online and if it is found, the name shall be displayed as though you have saved it on your address book.

Google Now will now be able to talk back to you on occasions that she wants more info. For example if you ask her to call John but you have several John’s saved in your contact list, she’ll ask you to identify which John you want to call. Accessing Google Now has been made easier as you only need to swipe the screen from left. Importantly Google Now is able to learn more about your activities online. It can figure out by himself that you like Nikitia (the series) and provide up to date information from articles online. If you frequent, he will be able to alert you whenever there’s a new post for you to read. Also if you visit a new area, she will know what information most people search for in that area and bring up cards with information related to the popular search term in the area.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Then there is the issue with the text messages. OK Google wants you to use Hangout even more. It has decided that your messages will from now henceforth be handled from Hangout but if you like you may change the messaging app from Hangout to the traditional Message App.

There is something about the Camera that Google has brought to KitKat but you won’t notice it at surface value. Now if you take a photo, the Camera will seem to have taken only one pic but behind the scene KitKat will be taking several instances of the image and integrate them to produce the best picture possible. Think of best shot in Samsung latest devices but instead of you seeing the many pictures before the best is selected, all these are done “secretly” and whatever you see as you picture was already merged from the several instances of the pic behind the scene.

Google Search is now on every home screen by default and can be accessed simply by calling “Okay Google”.

For now Android KitKat is available on Nexus 5 but in the next few weeks OEMs could start rolling them out to their latest devices. For those who upgraded to Android 4.3, sorry, it’s been taken over by new tech.


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