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NationHela is a money transfer service that was introduced by the Nation Media Group back in 2012 in partnership with Diamond Trust Bank. The service incorporates the use of credit cards to remit money from anywhere to Kenya by simplifying the process whereby senders no longer have to visit money transfer outlets.

NationHela. compared to other existing money transfer platforms, offers two major benefits:

1. The flexibility to send money online using the NationHela Platform that eliminates the requirement to visit an agent is a plus to the sender. Money can now be sent at any time and from anywhere as long as there is money in the credit card and the sender has access to Internet.

2. Ability of the recipient to receive money to his/her phone and NationHela Debit card. NationHela ensures that the received amount is held in NationHela account and can be withdrawn in bits as cash, to mobile money like MPESA, or using the NationHela Debit cards to make purchases.

So yes if you are a constant recipient of money from Diaspora, then you have good reasons to opt for NationHela. Here is how to get your NationHela Account:

1. Buy: NationHela card pack can be bought from nny Nakumatt supermarket, Diamond Trust Bank branch or NationHela agent countrywide. Your card pack will contain a card, your ATM PIN, and information on how to use the card.

2. Activate: To use your card, you must activate it by dialing *348# from your mobile phone. You will then be prompted to send an SMS with your card pack ID and your card number. The number of the mobile phone that you use to activate the card will be set as the default account number, so when activating the card only use the mobile phone that you want associated with your NationHela account. Once you activate your card, you will be able to receive money or you can load it yourself and use the card to do purchases and withdrawals at points accepting Visa cards.

3. Register: To enjoy the full benefits of the NationHela account and continue receiving money or topping up your account, you will be required to carry out a one-time card registration. To register, visit a NationHela registration outlet to fill in the card registration form and provide a copy of your Identification document.Once registered you will have full use of your card within 72 hours (3 days).

The use of NationHela is not limited only to those who intend to receive money from Diaspora. You may also want to have the NationHela Visa card for your local purchases so NationHela is open to anyone even those without any bank accounts anywhere.

To send Money using NationHela platform, one has the option of sending money to NationHela card holder or to a bank account. Sending money to a bank account is for sending money above $500 or to non-NationHela card holders. The option of sending money to bank account is not yet active though. So we are left, for now, with the option of sending money to NationHela card holders. To do this, you will follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. At the top right corner of the page click on the link SEND MONEY HERE
  3. Choose send money to NationHela Card and submit
  4. At the next screen you will have the option of currencies to send from and also be able to select whether you are transferring from a bank account or from a credit/debit card. Select your options accordingly and click Next
  5. Input the amount you want to send and click Next
  6. In the next screen input the recipient’s Full Name as they appear on NationHela account and their NationHela phone number and Click Next
  7. Next screen allows you to verify the recipient’s details. If and when satisfied click Send Now.

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