Unless Vooka is a zero rated data video streaming platform

Rapid Communications, a local company run by Anwar Hussein, has introduced a video streaming platform for mobile phones called Vooka. You might think of it like YouTube for Afria. These are the said advantages:

          • Ability to receive high quality videos on phone as you would on comp
          • Vooka automatically detects bandwidth and schedules streaming accordingly for smooth playback.
          • Vooka creates multiple profiles for each uploaded video
          • It offers restricted access to the teenagers who forgot to lie about their age
          • Users to be charged 10 bob only for videos downloaded

For these advantages, users are required to pay Kshs 2 per day to use. So I guess they are not charging on data? That is they have agreed with the telecos to zero rate data accessed via Vooka just as some telecos have zero rated Wikipedia or Facebook or Twitter? This I ask since I don’t uderstand why anyone would pay Kshs 2 daily to use a video “browser” when YouTube and other video streaming platforms are free.

If Vooka is not zero rated data wise then I would advice them to drop the daily 2 bob they want to charge users or they make arrangements to zero rate it.

There is one  more advantage that Vooka has over the other video streaming apps/platforms out there, “Vooka takes a special place of pride within our product stable as we will be concentrating on African content making it the first of its kind; produced and maintained in Africa,”claims Hussein. So, Mr Hussein, are you claiming that Vooka is the first product produced and maintained in Africa? But I understand being the first video streaming product produced and maintained in Africa makes Vooka really special.


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