Google Trader to close shop

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  • 8 years ago
  • Posted: October 24, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Google Trader is another testimony that online classifieds is not a game for the weak hearted. It seems they can no longer take the heat and effective from November 11th 2013, they will not allow posting new listings.

If you intend to still use Google Trader you may post your listings until November 11th, then the listing will run until it is expires. After the last expiry date there won’t be Google Trader. Buyers may continue to use Google Trader to find products and services until December 10. Google Trader will be discontinued on December 10, 2013.

Just as with Google Latitude that enabled users to share location information and was discontinued for users to be asked to use location sharing feature on Google+, Google Trader also advises those interested in marketing their businesses to open Google+ Business Pages. “A Google+ Business page is a new online home for your business on Google. It provides your business with a public identity on Google+, and it’s where you connect with customers, develop your brand, and engage your following,” Says Google at the Important changes to Google Trader information page.

One good thing about Google is that they are not really selfish. In addition to encourage Google Trader users to open up Google+ Business Pages, they are also generous to recommend those who indeed want to use classified sites to use Google to search for locally available free classifieds sites. “You can also find some online listings similar to Google Trader in your area by doing a search on Google with terms such as ‘free classifieds’,” they write.

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As a former user of Google Trader I do not feel disappointed. I posted a listing once on Google Trader but I never received any feedback. The few listings that I followed up on to buy turned out to be from con-men (see Fraudsters invade Google Trader in Google Search), so yeah, Google Trader wasn’t a platform to celebrate. On this note it is important to emphasize that listing websites such as OLX that allow Fraudster to proliferate could also suffer public ridicule.

It is now clear that Google products that are not very popular are being discontinued to promote Google+. But for Google+ to be as popular as let’s Facebook, Google needs to re-invent the social media platform. As it stands, it’s user UI is not encouraging at all.

Bye bye Google Trader, I won’t miss you.

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