Your chance to make money with a viral video

In a world where anything that has views means $$$, everyone really stands a chance to make money by creating a video that can go viral. Did you watch that resignation video that received over 12 million views in under a day? To put the 12 million views in perspective, Jay Z’s song featuring Justin Timberlake infamous Hip Hop hit Holy Grail reached the 12 million views after one month of being online yet the song is one of the current Jay Z’s greatest, receiving double Platinum rating in under two weeks. Do you remember Psy? The guy who surpassed the 1 billion views mark in the entire history of YouTube?

OK, a video that can receive 1 million views worldwide in let’s three months, six months or even one year is a viral video. If you can create such a video, you never know what heights you will climb. Here are the two ways available for you to make money from a viral video:

1. You can get discovered. If you post a video of yourself performing a prank or singing beautifully; playing an instrument or just pulling some of those impossible dance moves, you could be discovered by people who matter. Justin Barber was discovered in the same way when he posted videos of himself singing.

2. Cash in the YouTube ad: If you post video on your YouTube account, then YouTube Partner Program allows you to run ads in return for a share on the ad revenues generated. Assume that per click on the ads you get 0.2 US cents; if you can get 100 clicks a day then in a month you can make $600 on ads.

Well as Kenyans we haven’t done much to create video content that can go viral and here is where Safaricom has decided to come in. Safaricom has decided to promote creation of interesting videos through #SafricomChallege that requires users to share with Safaricom something hilarious, an original song, an original prank, an original dance or music clip via Whatsapp number 0707454545 or 0708454545 for a chance to feature on TV.

Of course featuring on TV will make your viewers also want to watch the video that took you there so in addition to giving you the exposure (number 1 above) it will give you the desired views (number 2 above) for generating ad revenues.

It is up to you to take the advantage of the challenge and do something interesting that can make you money.

Good Luck!


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