This is why I’m quitting LinkedIn

LinkedIn is generally a popular website with over over 225 million users world wide. The sites popularity by ranking is also very high, actually higher than Twitter with its more than 140 million daily visitors against Twitter’s 100 million daily visitors. But I still love Twitter than LinkedIn and these are they reasons why I’m quitting LinkedIn as soon as yesterday:

1. I don’t like LinkedIn User Interface just as I don’t like most of Google’s UIs. For the same reasons I’m not popular on Google+, I’m not popular in LinkedIn. Their user interfaces bore, really bore. Together with the three other reasons below, I just have to quit this professional social site.

2. I consider myself one of those who are website savvy in that it never takes me any seconds to maneuver around any website to get information that I need. But only two days ago I want to see a list of my connections in LinkedIn but I could not. I had to take a break, drink hot coffee and re-try, no it wasn’t easy even at the second try and I have forgotten the procedure.

3. You can’t connect to people that you are somehow acquainted to but you don’t have their email addresses. For you to get connected with such, you either have to lie as to how you know them or you ask an intermediary assistance from a friend connected to them. This again, bores.

4. LinkedIn is the platform used by potential business partners and probably employers to form opinions mostly negative about you . I don’t like the fact that guys have decided to visit my LinkedIn profile as initial familiarization tour about my person instead of chatting or calling me first. I believe voice interaction is still the best way to know about people.

Bye bye LinkedIn.


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