Yahoo Mail: Who needs a terabyte of storage?

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  • 8 years ago
  • Posted: October 11, 2013 at 12:00 pm

The changes that Marissa Mayer promised that will come on Yahoo Mail are here. What we did not know is that she wanted Yahoo to look like Gmail.

The changes that were rolled out in last two days have brought Gmail’s conversational feature on Yahoo Mail where one can delete a conversation, expand it or collapse it. After using the conversational feature in Gmail for a very long time I found myself deleting wanted emails alongside unwanted emails that are part of a conversation and I had to disable the conversation feature. Yahoo bringing this feature to Yahoo Mail is not helpful to people like me.

Another thing that they have done is to discontinue Yahoo Pro that required one to pay $19.99 dollars a year to have ad free email at increased storage of one terabyte. The one terabyte offer is now available but now one is required to pay $49.99 dollars a year to enjoy ad free email experience.

Gmail currently 15GB of free storage. After using my work email that is hosted by Google (basically it is a gmail given the company’s name) for over 6 years, I have only managed to use 14% of the storage despite the numerous emails with huge attachments that I have received over the years. That means I have used an average of 0.35GB of storage per year and with 15GB of storage, I will need 43 years (37 years remaining) to exhaust. Now that Yahoo has given me a terabyte of storage, if I shift all those emails coming to my gmail accounts to Yahoo and assume I will be using 1GB of storage per year, I will need 1000 years to exhaust.

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This infinite storage capacity from Yahoo would have been appropriate if I could freely upload movies to be saved there. The ability to store up to 700 HD movies forever without having to worry about scratches is quite nice. But the data consumption you will incur in such an attempt you better buy a plot and build a house.

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Annoying ad in Yahoo Mail Inbox


Anyhow Yahoo is still the number one email platform and hopefully the new changes will not send people to Gmail that has learnt how to better its borrowed features. As for me the type of advert (at the top right of the image above) that blinks endlessly in my inbox has driven me out of Yahoo Mail forever. I’ll remain loyal to Gmail unless Gmail starts misbehaving.

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