Time to quit Facebook is now

If you ever wanted a good reason to quit Facebook then you now have it. Facebook is concerned that your ability to disable people from using search engines to find you on Facebook is bad for business.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will start rolling out the update on Facebook’s setting that allow people to control how they are found by search engine. Currently the settings look like the image we have below:

quit facebook
These two settings are to be disabled

This feature allows your profile to be hid from the public who type in your name in Facebook search or in other search engines like Google search. When used, only those already in the friends list can search and find you on Facebook. A number of people with relationship issues caused by Facebook have resorted to use this feature. Others who do not want to be found on Facebook by their work colleagues, bosses, parents or just anyone else except for those they have allowed into their friendship network have a reason to quite Facebook immediately as they will no longer have the freedom to use this feature to hide from the public.

On the other hand stalkers have a reason to smile. There was this time I attended an event and met a very pretty lady. Damn was hot. She gave me her names but having seen her use Facebook I comforted myself that I will find her there. When I arrived home I rushed to search for her on Facebook but I could not find her. And that’s how I lost her never to see her again. Facebook’s new privacy setting will mean that such disappointments never happen.

When asked by CNET why they are disabling those very important settings, Facebook management argued that the settings give people a sense of security that is not there. They claim that if anyone is indeed interested in finding you on Facebook they can still do so by clicking your name on a status update or from a list of their friends that you are under. They however indicated that users should not get worried as Facebook will still allow you to disable specific individuals from finding you on Facebook.

The other reason that should get you worried and probably quit Facebook is this post we ran. Facebook also wants your past posts to be found by a simple key word search. I think they will roll the two features at the same time.

Well, if you are one of those who are on Facebook and you can’t be found (like that other profile of mine up there) maybe because you don’t want your parents, work colleagues, bosses, or partners to get you on Facebook, the only safe thing to do now is to quit Facebook.


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