Great lessons from #BCTWF2013

Best Company to Work For (BCTWF) is an award by Deloitte that as been conducted annually since 2000. Each year, Deloitte awards companies with BCTWF title according to results from surveys they conduct on company employees. Today at the award ceremony there were great speeches by Sunny Bindra of and others. These are some of the great lessons from sound bytes (tweets) that we have gathered from #BCTWF2013 hashtag:

1. Companies that are profit centered, that motivate top level managers only but not considerate of employee welfare and do not engage in employee motivation have consequences to face. The consequences have great impact on profitability, that could lead to top managers demanding more from the employees who in turn become demotivated. If not acted upon in time, the downward spiral will lead to closure (I’m thinking of BlackBerry that is said to have experienced similar consequences).

2. Companies should learn lessons from sports, families and religious bodies where people associate as friends, partners, and family members. In these institutions, there are no regrets based on days of the week. Families, sports clubs and religious organizations are best at motivating people. Companies should change their management philosophies and join Family, Religious and Sports bandwagon.

3. The difference between best companies to work for and the rest is that best companies to work for provide life to the employees, not just a means to earn a living. It is where the Human Being goes to work and not just the Human Resource. Great companies provide employees with satisfaction as whole beings, not just career or pay satisfaction. Great companies are concerned about the status of the employee and his/her family, friends and personal life objectives.

4.  Employers should know that pay rise does not sustain motivation. A pay rise will have an effect on employee motivation only for three months. It is up to Human Resource managers to sustain employee engagement and motivation by developing leaders across all levels, linking talent with business critical priorities, and organizing the workforce as a team to achieve company mission.

This years survey for Best Company To Work For was based on the following dimensions:

  1. Sense of Confidence
  2. Inclusion in the Company,
  3. Ethics and Integrity,
  4. Career.
  5. Employer and employee responses.
  6. Job Satisfaction,
  7. remuneration etc

The results from the survey indicate that Employees rate Job Satisfaction as the most important dimension while employers rate remuneration as the the most important dimension. Operational Effectiveness and Sense of Confidence have increased since the last survey. Of the companies that participated in the survey, 13 participants met the Deloitte Standard of excellence.

The overall winner was Craft Silicon an SME that deals with  financial solutions in Banking software ,Microfinance software, Mobile and Switch solutions. The second overall and leader in the Manufacturing Industry was Proctor and Gamble that make Ariel detergent among other products whereas the Finance sector was topped by Family Bank.


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