Iron Man to become real

Have you watched Iron Man 1 to 3? If not you better buy the movie, very classic. Actually Iron Man 3 has become the 16th film to gross over $1 billion worldwide and ranks as the fifth grossing film of all time.

OK, if you have watched the movies you know what I’m talking about. The suit that Iron Man wears that makes him be known as Iron Man is to become a real life suit, well, pretty soon. The US military has commissioned a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit that will provide the wearer with some of the abilities depicted in the Iron Man movie. Some of the superhuman abilities that the suit is projected to provide include enhanced strength and protection from gunfire; that is a wearer can walk into a stream of bullets comfortably. According to press release, the suit may use liquid armor being developed by MIT that can transform from liquid to solid in milliseconds.

In May Forbes posted an article about the Iron Man’s suit showing a number of things that cannot be currently achieved and those that can be done. In the article,  Ariel Williams writes that the flight, repulsor beams and arc reactor cannot be achieved with today’s technology. However the article provides details of several things that have been attempted and those that can be achieved.

When Iron Man suit will be come a reality, I will sign for military!


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