3D printed toothbrush to clean teeth in six seconds

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  • 8 years ago
  • Posted: October 2, 2013 at 12:38 pm

BlizzidentHow long do you take to brush your teeth every morning? Five minutes? Dentists recommend that you take at least two minutes to clean your teeth. The two minutes is recommended so that the flouride, xylitol, triclosan, pyrophosphate, chlorine dioxide and other active ingredients for fighting bacteria, reduction of tartar, prevention of gingivitis and fighting bad breath in the toothpaste have enough retention time to perform their functions. For the physical cleaning, it is the toothbrush that does the job. The shape and properties of toothbrushes determines how effective they perform the cleaning function.

To revolutionize how we can clean our teeth, a group of dentists, engineers, computer scientists and dental prophylaxis experts have come up with a 3D printed toothbrush for cleaning your teeth. Codenamed Blizzident, the 3D printed toothbrush that looks like the shape of your dental formula and is used through the biting and chewing action will deliver thorough teeth cleaning in six seconds. That’s 20 times faster the normal toothbrush.


To have your own Blizzident, you will need to get your teeth scanned using a 3D scanner at a cost of roughly $75 to $200, get the scanned copy of your teeth printed into a 3D printed toothbrush at roughly $300 for the first time and subsequently get a renewal at $150 for each renewal. One 3D printed toothbrush can last for about one year. Just as normal toothbrushes, you cannot share your Bizzident not just due to the hygiene reasons but also because your 3D printed toothbrush can only fit your teeth.

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To use the 3D printed toothbrush, you will need to fit it into your teeth and move your mouth in the normal biting and chewing manner as you always do whenever you chew gum or bite off a piece of beef. The tooth brush will be perfect for late risers. Now late risers can be able to quickly fit the 3D printed toothbrush, take a bite or two, chew a few times and wash the mouth clean to save a minute or two and avoid getting late to work.

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