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Samsung has become well known for the mid and high end smartphones in Kenya, but now they want the consumers to benefit more from the other products they offer. Earlier today Samsung Launched a three-month nationwide end year consumer promotion dubbed “Jaza Keja” aimed at rewarding customers who purchase any Samsung product within the promotion period.

The promotion will run from September 23 to December 12 2013 and will reward customers with over Kshs. 50 million worth of prizes ranging from Samsung LED TV’s, Fridges, Microwaves, Samsung phones, Tablets, Camera’s, Vacuum cleaners, Washing machines, Laptops; with the ultimate grand prize of a fully loaded Double cab Nissan pickup with Samsung products.

For a chance to win, customers will be required to purchase any genuine Samsung product and in this case if a customer buys a mobile phone and or tablets they will send IMEI number to SMS 22585 and for all other Samsung electronic products a customer will get an entry card, with and SMS to 22585. Registration also activates a two-year warranty support for Samsung products won in the promotion.

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As the name suggest, Jaza Keja is meant to fill the lucky consumer’s house. So for those who would be lucky enough to win the Grand Prize, they will get double cab Nissan loaded with

  • 42 inch LED TV
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Ecobubble Washing Machine
  • Blueray Home Theatre system
  • Wet & dry vaccum cleaner
  • Samsung Series 9 ultrabook laptop
  • NX 300 Smart Camera
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 and
  • Colour desktop printer

Still how good is smsing or call and win promotions? The last few years have seen the rise of sms or call and win kind of promotions in Kenya. Some do it purely to make money from the money people are using to call, mostly seen with Tv and radio stations. The cost for calling or smsing is so high above the normal rates(sometime as high ksh.60) but the possibility of winning, drives many Kenyans to the extent that they ignore the cost. Call it easy money, easy product or easy service. But how is that different from the other promotions like this being run by Samsung? In Samsung case the consumers need to buy the genuine Samsung products and then send the indication or the proof of the purchase through sms. The sms send to 22585 forms the part of the entry to the competition. The cost of sending sms to 22585 is Ksh.5. At the end whether one wins or not, he/she does have a chance to enjoy the product.

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Below is what Samsung Electronic East Africa Chief Operating Officer Robert Ngeru had to say say:

“Samsung brand is all about creating possibilities for everyone, everywhere and we would like to encourage the consumers to join the thrill of being part of the Samsung’s family by way of participating in the Jaza Keja promotion”.

In the marketing jargon Samsung is going for one of the Ps’ element of  marketing mix. Promotion is one of the element of the marketing mix, known as the ‘four Ps’:

  •     Price
  •     Product
  •     Promotion
  •     Place.
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