Twitter keen on boosting user engagement

Seen as a strategic move for boosting user engagement as it prepares to go public, Twitter has started rolling out a new notification feature for Android and iOS ecosystems that will notify users of popular tweets within their networks. The new notification features follows success from the experiment done with @MagicRecs that recommends users following it on who to follow in Direct Messages (DM).

The new notification would come in handy to many tweeps especially those following a lot of people. It has become quite hard to grasp what is important (although Twitter has been trying to group important tweets under the Discovery Tab) and often times users wonder how they missed out on important news or topics that everyone else seem to grasp so well. The notification feature also enhances the discussion feature introduced earlier on that allows users to follow a discussion at the TL. With the update, up to three tweets that are part of a conversation appear connected with a blue vertical line. Clicking on one of the tweets opens up the entire discussion thread.

Some of us do not prefer to be constantly notified so twitter has given us an option of opting out via the notification setting. But generally I think the new notification feature is a plus as I would no longer have an excuse on missing out on important topics. Bottom line is, follow tweeps who always discuss topics that interest you, otherwise you might end up hating on twitter out of your own undoing.


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