Why you should not buy 4K TV yet

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  • 6 years ago
  • Posted: September 23, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Geoffrey Morrison advises in Forbes that if you want to buy a TV then you should consider:

1. Size,

2. Room,

3. Fancy Features and lastly

4. Price.

On size he recommends that if you think of a particular size, go for a bigger one that you thought. On Room he says LCD/LED is better. I have had an argument on any major technical differences between LCD/LED and as he confirms, LED/LCD are the same. Plasma is better for the night. On price he says if you have the money, buy the most expensive in the product range. Here I will add, if you have the money, consider top range Sony. My other advice here is that don’t take a loan to buy a TV, you’ll never sell the TV at a higher price than you bought it. Maximum to spend on these types of items would be your one month’s gross salary.


Then there is the issue of if you really need 4K resolution television. No, don’t rush into 4K TV for now; wait about two to three more years until 4K content is fully available in both movies and broadcast. In Africa we are hardly broadcasting 1080p HD. Kenyan broadcast is still years from broadcasting in normal HD, forget 4K. For us to watch the normal HD on pay TV like DSTV, we have to pay beyond premium price, I wonder what they will charge for 4K broadcast.

For Geoffrey’s article, click here.

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