Yahoo 3D search; search and touch

Yahoo 3D search. Yahoo Japan has created a search engine that links to 3D printers. What this means is that someone can physically touch what they have searched for. The search engine scrolls the web for information needed to build an object’s blue print and delivers the blue print to a 3D printer for printing. With this technology, the visual impaired and children can be able to search for objects and be able to have a physical feel of that object. Yahoo asks, “The internet is visual and auditory. What if the sense of touch became possible? What does the future look like?

yahoo japanFor now the technology has been donated to Special Needs Education School for the Visually Impaired, part of the University of Tsukuba until October (watch the video). The children will be allowed to search for objects but if the searched item is not found, Yahoo will place ads on its website for the requested blue prints to be created. After October Yahoo intends to introduce the technology to other institutions around Japan.

3D printing has been hailed as a breakthrough technology only similar to the invention of steam engine back in 18th century. It has become mainstream in the last years and ever since a home gun was printed via the technology, 3D printing has caused debate on whether its use should be limited.

With the new search engine that promises to enable printing of objects as diverse as hippopotamuses to fighter jets., the controversy is set to take a new twist. We will update you on any developments regarding this story as soon as we get them.

3D printer printing a car wheel.


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