Silent-Sense could make iPhone 5S’ Touch ID look like child’s play

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  • Posted: September 16, 2013 at 10:46 pm

downloadAdvanced Touch ID could be coming to every smartphone pretty soon. Touch ID is Apple’s answer to the demand of passwordless smartphone unlock and secure access (read: One good reason to buy iPhone 5S for your partner). But a scientist has come up with a more intuitive answer to passwordless unlock that could make iPhone 5S’ Touch ID look like child’s play. The software dubbed Silent-Sense promises to know that you are the one touching or swiping your phone, or not.

Silent-Sense will learn how you touch and swipe the phone, the amount and pattern of pressure you normally apply, the size of your fingertips, and if you like you may let it use the phone’s accelorometer and gyroscope to measure the unique movements of the phone whenever in use by you, or better still let it learn the rhythm of your walk…then the software will use its intelligent learning algorithms to translate these patterns to your unique signature for identifying you in subsequent unlock requests. If a different touch tries to access the phone, access will be denied. The best part of it is that Silent-Sense can be installed in any smartphone.

Cheng Bo and his colleagues at the Illinois Institute of Technology who developed Silent-Sense have demonstrated 99% accuracy of the software in tests. 100 people tested the software and at only 10 learning taps, the software proved to be accurate 99% of the time. At only 2.3 taps, the phone reported 98% accuracy.

Silent-Sense can be set to identify users when applications such as emails, call logs, text messages are to be accessed but be turned off when accessing other applications like games.Silent-Sense could not be said to be 100% accurate but the beauty of it is worth the 1% risk.


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