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For step by step guide on how to use Tusker.mobi click here.

This article is about highlighting the Tusker.mobi for TPF6; Tusker’s interaction platform for Tusker Project Fame’s fans. I also want to suggest a remedy that would ensure the public voting patterns (either by country or by friendship) seen not to recognize talent is checked; especially now that TPF has given fans more voting power by introducing Tusker.mobi.

Tusker.mobi is an online platform for enabling fans follow Tusker Project Fame 6 and interact with TPF6 contestants (type in tusker.mobi in your browser). It offers five features codenamed “Be the Judge”, “News and Downloads”, “Be the Producer”, “Online Voting” and “Top Star Maker”. To use these features, users are required to register at tusker.mobi either on a web browser from` the PC or via mobile device by Signing Up with required user information. Age is important as the platform is for adults only.

Be the Judge feature was opened on 13th September and is to close on 17th September. It allows registered users to determine who will be in Top 25 by voting online. News and Dowloads is for users to get information of latest happenings at TPF6 and download any materials availed for downloads. Users are also able to comment and share about interesting events. Be the Producer is where users will “produce” their own group by choosing from available selections of evicted contestants. The produced groups will be voted for and the group with most votes will perform during the TPF6 finale. Online Voting is an extension of the sms voting platform. Like with Big Brother, registered users can now vote for their favorite contestant online. Finally Top Star Maker is a reward system that will see the top star travel to Nairobi to witness the finale first hand. Every time a user shares, comments, votes, actively views pages and downloads from tusker.mobi they get one point reward for interaction. The more you interact, the more points you earn. Active participation is key.

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So now the TPF has given users a platform to interact and vote, I want to briefly comment on the voting system. Last season there was a heated discussion regarding the current voting system that allows those with many friends or from a particular country (country based voting blocks) to reach the top even though their talent could be wanting. I hope TPF could (probably they will) deploy a system that allows multiple players to determine the final winner of the top prize; not just the viewers at home. In this case the players to determine the final winner would still be the public, the judges, the faculty and the contestants.

This is how the proposed system could work; the viewers contribute 40% of the total marks for their favorite contestant, 30% for their second favorite, 20% for their third favorite, 10% for their fourth favorite and no marks for fifth and below favorites. The judges contribute 30% for their first favorite, 20% for their second favorite, 10% for their third favorite and no marks for fourth and below favorites. The faculty contribute 20%, for their first favorite and 10% for their second favorite. The contestants contribute 10% for their first favorite. These points are additive such that for one contestant to  have 100%, then he/she must have won the heart of the public, the judges, the faculty, and the contestants; public’s number one stands a chance to gather 100% marks, public’s number two can get up to 90%, public’s number three can get up to 80% and public’s number four can get up to 70%. Since public’s number five cannot get any marks from the public, he/she does not qualify to be awarded marks. The 10% marks reduction for every one position drop also applies to the judges, faculty and contestants. The table below demonstrates how the system will allow even the public’s number four to win.

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So in a case where the public favored someone to top position but the judges, the faculty and the contestants feel that talent lies elsewhere, then that elsewhere still has a chance of taking the prize home. The check here is that the public is encouraged to vote for the person they know and are sure has the talent, not just the person they are dating or knew from high school. Of course all the voting alternatives must be blind to each other to avoid rigging.

Just my thoughts, add yours.

For Tusker.mobi online platform, click here.

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