MSN Portal launches in Kenya

Microsoft officially launched MSN Kenya portal to provide content on News, Sport, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Weather. Under these broad categories of content there are numerous sub-categories that in total basically covers everything from mainstream news to gossip. For example there are headings such as “Women forcing men to resort to sex drugs” and “Switzerland produces condoms for children” under Bizarre news. Entertainment sections also contain a collection of celeb gossip both local and global. Technology news which is our core interest has been grouped under Lifestyle alongside Fashion, Travel, and Motoring; although we would have loved to see Technology as a separate category with sub-categories on Smartphones, Tablets, PCs, Other electronics, Internet, Social Media etc.

The portal is targeting to rival Google and Yahoo in the local market, if the performance of their sister portal in South Africa is anything to go by. Microsoft is keen to tap on the growing Internet users in Africa as they have also launched a portal in Nigeria for the same reason. Currently the Kenya portal will get their content from other dailies but probably they will be able to create own content as they grow. The portal targets to general revenue from banner ads and target ads therefore it has a challenge to generate adequate local traffic.

See image below for a screen shot of the portal.




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