A smartwatch from Samsung; Samsung Galaxy Gear

samsung-galaxy-gear-smartwatch-sketchDoes the world need one gadget that can do everything or specialized devices? Manufactures think specialization is an economic craze of the past; that a device should be able to offer a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and consumers tend to agree. Smartphones have combined the functions of watches, radios, mp3 players, video games, TVs, computers, etc.

They have attempted to have watches to now do the work of phones but without much success. They are not giving up just yet. Samsung is rumoured to be looking forward to launching at least two items on its unpacked event scheduled for 4th September 2013 in Berlin. One of these gadgets is most probably its version of a smartwatch. Samsung’s drive for availing a smartwatch despite critics pointing out to past failures is the counter that there were MP3 players before the iPod, touchscreen phones before the iPhone and tablets before the iPad. So just as Apple re-looked into the old technologies and came up with amazing alternatives, Samsung is seeking to redo the smartwatch to come up with something uniquely appealing.

The smartwatch dubbed Samsung Galaxy Gear would probably be a smart device that will be a companion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also to be launched at the same unpacked event. Leaked information suggest that the smartwach will be about 3 inches measured diagonally (too large for a smartwatch…see sketch above) having a square OLED display screen but rounded at its corners. A camera probably of 4 megapixels is likely to be part of the wrist straps. Internet connectivity will be enabled via Wi-Fi and it will also feature Bluetooth 4.0. Samsung S Voice will come in handy to control the device.

Techies are looking forward to the galaxy gear to be a gadget for notifying users about other connected devices, from tablets to the phones. So that instead of removing your galaxy note 3 to check time, or to see if you have any missed calls, received emails or reminders, you will only need to look at your watch. Another unique function of a smartwatch is the ability to be a suitable health companion. Galaxy gear would feature apps for monitoring heartbeat, calories burnt, and as well a pedometer. Although these functions sound cool and unique, Galaxy Gear won’t be a pioneer in them. It will have to compete with Nike Fuelband or Fitbit Flex which are already doing very well in being smartphone companions.

I would say that if you are  a lover of big screens (the galaxy phablets, notes and tabs), the the smatchwatch will save you the unease of continuously removing the big gadgets from your pocket just to check on time and missed calls. But you will probably need to chuck with a Kshs. 28,000 before taxes for the smartphone companion.


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