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Picture1NewsDift, an Android app developed by our own Abel Masai, has been created to deliver daily news sourced from the major news publications including Daily Nation, The Star and Capital FM. Other news categories include Business, Sports, Technology, and Lifestyle. The app that can be downloaded by clicking this link comes in a great design and very smooth to use.

The app is relatively new and still needs improvement especially in the area of getting the latest news from the sources. Since I started using it the most recent news are those that were posted 9 to 10 hours ago. Otherwise the app provides an awesome interface for reading local news. International apps including those run by Google do not give local news channels a priority so if you are a fun of local news and you want them in one single place, then NewsDrift is the app for you. On the left is a screen shot of the app in action.


APP Description

NewsDrift is a beautiful elegant app that delivers to you the latest news. Drift through news articles from different sources in a fun and intuitive manner. Save your favorite news articles for later reading. Share interesting articles. You see, NewsDrift doesn’t just promise an amazing reading experience – it delivers on that promise.


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