African countries attracting international tech firms

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With the tech industry in Africa growing exponentially and internet and cellular infrastructure expanding across the continent, the spotlight on African tech companies has become even brighter. Africa has become a growing market for hi-tech products and it is expected that the continent will soon experience a surge in the number of companies that provide hardware and software to consumers.

As a developing continent with an emerging market there is growing competition to meet the needs of the rising middle class population and cater to the younger generation. Children as young as 5 are making use of hi tech devices and the younger generation is far more tech savvy than their elders. The demand for hi tech devices such as smart phones and tablets has attracted the attention of international corporations and investors. The focus on Africa as a viable commercial option is becoming a reality and the competition between tech firms to invest, sponsor or build local entities is increasing.

Africa is fast waking up to the endless possibilities the internet and mobile market offer.  With devices that are able to access business apps, run admin programs and allow for recreation such as playing games at the best mobile casinos at it seems an obvious choice for investors to take advantage of a burgeoning market. Chinese company Hisense has set up a base in Africa and is catering to everyone from the lowest income bracket upwards, whilst determining how they can continue to grow their business across the market. Other tech companies such as IMB and SAPS have also set up base and are aiming at expanding their market reach in accordance with the steady growth of the industry.

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For tech companies, basing their operations in Africa is a simple matter of good logistics. Not only are companies literally on the ground in an emerging market, they also reduce import costs and distribute directly within the country of origin. A company that has its base in its direct market is also more likely to understand what the clients want and where the demand for certain devices is prevalent.

The African continent has been described as an untapped market with over a billion consumers just waiting for a variety of products. It’s precisely this potential purchasing power that is attracting the interest of tech firms around the world.




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