Twitter Finally Introduces “Report Tweet” To Curb Cyber Bullying.

According to The Telegraph, Twitter has now introduced a “report tweet” segment to its social network. This comes hot in the heels of debilitating threats, that were directed at women who suggested a women’s face should be on new banks notes in Britain.

According to The Telegraph, “Caroline Criado-Perez, a writer, faced a deluge of online vitriol, including warnings that she would be killed, after she successfully lobbied for a woman to appear on a British banknote.” This is not the first time that trolling has gotten out of control on twitter.

In Kenya for example, a few weeks ago a lawyer decided to viciously attack a female diplomat on twitter. The case was reported to the CID, and since I am not privy to the investigation I cannot comment further on the matter. KOT (Kenyans on twitter) also “went ham” on a recent Tujuane lady who was seen as abrasive. Her almost nude pictures were splashed for all and sundry to ridicule. To add insult to injury, memes galore were created, fueled by the fact that her KCPE grades were somehow attained.

Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction when it comes to curbing cyber bullying. Be careful what you post or retweet, soon and very soon the long arm of the law will catch up with you.

According to the article by The Telegraph, One user threatened to rape Carole and put the video all over the internet. Another going by the handle @rapey1 posted: “I will rape you tomorrow at 9pm… Shall we meet near your house?”


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