A Simple Breakdown Of The Latest Facebook Page Insights For Newbies.

If you manage a page on Facebook, you have probably noticed that insights have changed. If not, then you shall behold this new “marvel’ when it is rolled out to everybody. Of-course for those of you early adopters, you can switch back to the old insights but that means that you will join everybody else in the waiting “cue’.

So what’s so different about these new insights you wonder? Now page admins have a detailed look at how their page has done over the past week. Facebook has organized report metrics, to make Page Insights simple, actionable and people-centred. Here is a breakdown of the new features vis a vis the old ones.

Before, “People Talking About This” was the unique number of people who generated a story about your Page in the last 7 days by liking your Page, commenting on or sharing a post, checking in to your location, tagging your Page in a post, or writing on your Page’s wall.

Now the “People Talking About This” metric has been broken out into people engaged, the number of unique people who’ve clicked on, liked, commented on or shared your posts, and other page activity, which includes Page mentions, check-ins and posts by other people on your Page.

Before, Virality meant the percentage of people who created a story from your Page post divided by the total number of people who’ve seen it. Virality’s been replaced with engagement rate. That simply means the percentage of people who saw a post that then clicked on, liked, commented on or shared it.

Viral reach meant the number of people who saw a post from a story published by a friend. In the new Page Insights, viral reach is included as part of organic reach, with total reach broken down into paid and organic reach. It is still on a trial period, so feed-back is still being collected and more tweaks maybe announced.

A 7-day snapshot of activity on your Page, is what you have at your disposal. You can also see how your fan base has grown over time. You can compare the performance of all your posts. You can also learn more about your fans and the people who like, comment and share your posts.

Another interesting bit, is that you can see how many times your page was liked and unliked each day. Better yet, Facebook tracks for you where your likes come from (the different spots on Facebook where people are clicking “Like” to connect to your Page.)

Remember, posts that get more likes, comments and shares show up more in News Feed. Posts hidden, reported as spam or cause people to unlike your Page reach fewer people. If you notice a sudden downward spiral, that’s why.



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