Your Facebook News Feed to be of better quality as Facebook addicts get a solution

Facebook has worked on how News Feed will appear on your Facebook homepage. From now on Facebook users will be able to receive, mostly, only the interesting updates from pages and friends.The updates that are most interesting will appear on top of news feed, whereas posts that were not seen in a previous visit will be pushed to the top of news feed on next log on. Interesting updates will be determined based on whether they are timely, relevant, from trusted sources, and if they are likely to be shared. Posts Facebook users consider “high quality” was determined by a survey carried out on thousands of people.

Since the introduction of sponsored posts, it has become very rare to see posts from pages that one actually likes. Facebook advised pages to post great stuff and optimize it for engagement and reach.

Elsewhere, two PhD candidates at MIT, Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff devised a system that sends shock waves to people who spend too much time on Facebook. The device code named Pavlov Poke works by watching Facebook user actions with a UI inspector that monitors computer application usage and sends a signal to an Arduino board, connected via USB to the computer that, in turn, activates a relay and start the shock circuit. Electrodes are placed on the keypad that receive current from the Arduino board which will send current through palm of your hand, and Ouch!!

Morris, one of the developers, admitted that they found the whole experience of getting shocks from Pavlov Poke too unpleasant that they quickly stopped using it. Maybe Facebook addicts should be sent to rehabilitation centers.


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