Typing define before a word in Google search pulls down the Google dictionary definition box on top of search results to give the definition(s) of the word, how the the word is used in a sentence, and the synonyms. Dictionary box also gives the etymology [you may type “define” then “etymology” in Google search :)] of the searched term either by a chart or in plain words.

The minor addition is albeit an important progress in Google’s attempt to enhance its Knowledge Graph project. Knowledge Graph has already incorporated several features like currency calculator, normal calculator, unit conversation, nutrition data, translations, data and time information and several other fact data.

One can use the Google Dictionary either by using the standard Google search box or via Google now. Voice search will let Google read out loud the first part of the word. The mic function also let’s you listen in to the correct pronunciation of the word.

About the title of this article; typing in Google in Google search will pull down Google Maps and Google pages as first priority. However preceding the term Google in Google Search by Define i.e. typing in Define Google, will place the dictionary box on top of the search results.

Enjoy finding the meaning of words in Google Search.


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