Kona TV Drama on Dstv


Multichoice has launched a TV drama series to be aired on Africa Magic Entertainment. The drama dubbed Kona features actors and actress such as¬†Lwanda Jawar,¬†Nini Wacera, and Brenda Wairimu. The series will have¬†250 episodes and will be¬†aired five days a week on AfricaMagic Channels 151 and 154 on DStv starting August 26th 2013 and will last for about one year. The drama has been been categorized as a Kenyan telenova which means it has similarities to “Spanish Soap Operas”.

The plot

Oyange’s, a family battles for survival after Richard Oyange, business tycoon, dies in a tragic car crash leaving behind a wife, Ayira (Muthoni Gathecha), two daughters; Pamela (Brenda Wairimu), Julia (Nini Wacera) and a son Wanjala (Lwanda Jawar).¬†When daughter, Julia Oyange (Nini Wacera) inherits her late dad‚Äôs pet project, a boxing gym, she decides to make it work for the benefit of the family. But Julia is trying to play in a man‚Äôs world and the men are not going to let her in that easily. Julia turns to her adopted brother, Wanjala for help.¬†Wanjala (Lwanda Jawar) was once a boxing star who was accused of throwing a fight and lost all his fame and fortune in a scandal. Richard Oyange, believing the scandal, kicked Wanjala out of the family home. Wanjala gave up boxing and his life took a turn for the worse. Now Julia wants him back in the boxing world. But Wanjala is battling problems of his own, a sick daughter and a wife who wants nothing to do with him. He is also haunted by what happened in the last fight which he lost‚Ķ the fight everyone accused him of throwing.

The Launch and reception. 

Dstv headlined the launch as “Kona rocks kampala” and posted a few tweets on the reception after the launch. Generally East Africa seem excited and are looking forward to being entertained by the Kenyan Telenova. According to information posted on africamagic.dstv.com,¬†Production of¬†Kona¬†began in October 2012 at Multichoice studios at Jamhuri Park and is scheduled to end in November 2013.

MNET Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi said ‚ÄúKONA is about dreams and goals. Despite the struggles we go through in our daily lives, KONA is a story that declares that¬†everyone deserves a fighting chance. Africa Magic is very committed to fulfilling its objective of promoting relevant local talent and at the same time, developing skills and creating jobs. KONA is evidence of this commitment.”


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