iPhone 5s launches next month and is to ride on new iOS

Pictures of iPhone 5s which is to be launched next month are going viral. The iPhone which is said will run on iOS7 provides Apple fans with good reasons to continue getting hooked to Apple products. Users of earlier iPhones and iPads are not left behind as they will be able to upgrade to the iOS7. The new iOS promises to include features such as better searches by Siri that will rival google search, and new iTune Radio that will offer users free listening to select online radios with intermittent adverts; whereas those who have annual subscription won’t hear the ads. The camera is also said to have been greatly improved. iPhone 5 was the king of camera in 2012 before Galaxy S4 brought with it a 13mp rear camera.

Competitors are likely to lose especially Google. Google has to monitor the performance of Siri to find out if indeed Apple has pulled a fast one on it. On the other hand Yahoo stand to gain since its Flickr is said to be deeply integrated in the iOS.

Apple itself also has two items to worry about; the old buyers may decide not to buy the new phones as they would benefit by upgrading to iOS7. Others who would have been new buyers may prefer cheaper older phones like iPhone 4 that will also get the iOS7 and has become quite affordable.

Apple is to launch iPhone 5s a time that it has many challenges to overcome. Top on the list is the strategy it needs to implement to turn feature phone users to iPhone fans. The smartphone users seem to have become loyal to specif manufactures thus luring them to Apple will be an up hill task hence the necessity to invest in winning the feature phone users. Samsung has done greatly in this area by turning feature phone users to its smartphones at a rate of 34% compared to Apple’s 26%. The best strategy for winning feature phone users is by availing cheaper versions of every smartphone launched; a strategy that Samsung seem to have perfected.

Apple will also need to climb the hill created by Android in last year. Android has increased its dominance of the smartphone market from 64% to 79% whereas Apple market share declined by 4% . To significantly recoup the lost market share, Apple needs to include a wow factor in the new iPhone. Probably the rumored fingerprint feature will do the trick.

Here is a video for the iPhone 5s



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