What to do with an old iphone after an iPhone Upgrade

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With the unveiling of the iPhone 5 all its previous avatars become obsolete, isn’t it? Here the answer will vary from one person to the other, as it will depend on the expectation of the individual with regards to their Smartphones. As soon as any of the new versions hit the market, users rush to grab the latest. And the older versions like 3GS, iPhone 4 etc. – remain unhandled adding no value to the user. There are numerous ways through which the users can present their old iPhone for re-use.

Some of the options which can help in handling the old iPhone are as under-

Gift it or Move it further

You may choose to transfer the device to your near and dear ones and share your wealth according to your wish. They could be your family members, friends, relatives etc. However, you will have to ensure removal of any data or sensitive information. Incase this is not a viable option. You can surely look forward to doing some charity for the homeless people and provide some benefits to them. By doing so, you can make a lot of difference to the life of the helpless. In the same manner large number of companies or organizations will be accepting it as a donation.

Selling your old hand set

If not anything the old handset is worth of some handsome cash! Users can sell off their mobile to organization such as Pacebutler. Here you can sell your old devices in three simple steps which are- first click here to visit their site followed by filling up a small form where it would be asking for some vital stats like name, address, mobile number, zip code etc.  After finishing the document you will also have to select the mode of the shipment. The shipment mode could be either FedEx or UPS. Once you have completed with the filling of the form, you will have to pack the device in an appropriate manner and send it across to our address mentioned on the site contact us page. In case of any queries you can also contact on the numbers available on site. Based on the device status cash amount would be dispensed your way within the time span of 48 hours time. In case the device cannot be fixed it is moved to the recycling process. If you want to see the testimonials of their clients then you can check the Pacebutler Corp reviews.

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In case you are aware of the condition of your phone and know that it’s not at all worth of selling or gifting it out to someone. Then the best and the last option left with you is re-cycling. There are many services options which are available for recycling. Some of the options are Gazelle and Apple which also deal with the recycling of the old devices. There are large number of states and cities which provide you the option of recycling your device free of cost.

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