Dear Job Seekers, Meet The Digital Interviewers

Hello there.. Job seekers…. It is time for me to update you on something which I have seen and you might not know. Today I want to introduce you to Digital Interviewers in Kenya…yes,you probably have already met them in one of your interviews. I know you look up to them, and yes they are the leaders of the company you are planning to join but you should know something about them.. They are living the digital age…enhe share all age.

If you still don’t understand what the Share ALL Age is about then pay attention closely… It is the age where people tell you when they wake is the age where people tell you when they enter the loo… it is the age where people tell you when they are brushing their teeth. Now imagine that people can tell you all that…do you think they will keep quiet about anything you tell them in private or otherwise…

So when you go for interview, be ready to read some of your answers during the interview the following day on Twitter. Yes, that will form very interesting topic of discussion, with some wondering loudly how stupid you are. Now you have to be strong here, because that is the world you live in.

Long long time ago before the digital age, interviewers used to correct you politely and then shut up about it. Even within the company structure you will never hear what the interviewees said. Those days, they used to use your words to eliminate or accept you but now, your words may form part of their twitter discussion the following day.

So my friends, remember with Digital Interviewers your words shall and may be used against you on TL. …choose them wisely.

Kennedy Kachwanya1080 Posts

--- Kennedy Kachwanya is a technology blogger interested in mobile phones both smart and dumb, mobile apps, mobile money, social media, startups ecosystem and digital Savannah. New media must not forget the strength of old tech.


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