Social media sites are a dime a dozen, with many failing the test when it comes to replicating what others invented. A website however that I haven’t heard anyone pour lavish praise on in Kenya is Reddit. Reddit is described in Wikipedia as a social news and entertainment website, where registered users submit content either in the form of a link of text.

Users in this site, then vote for the submission. If it’s hot, it moves up thus gaining increased visibility, if it’s cool, it moves down the popularity rank soon fading to “oblivion.” Subreddits are communities organized by different individuals. The great thing about Reddit is its interactivity, as people post and comment on stories, adding their own quirky observations. Want something translated, Reddit is  just the platform for you.


In-case you’re wondering why this open source, bulletin board system platform is important, here are the statistics they posted yesterday. Reddit registered 70,013,371 unique visitors in July alone. These hail from about 185 countries give or take, all organized into 4,403 communities or subreddits. There are 2,434,000 registered subredditors, a portmanteau formed from reddit and sub-editors so you know your content will receive varied opinions. That’s how you spell objectivity.

The reddit pages have been viewed a whopping 4.57 billion times as of 30th July 2013, with almost 18 million votes cast for the content posted to either be hot or cold. Want to test your content creation skills? Try Reddit

Obey Reddit

Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005. According to Wikipedia, Redditors commemorate their cake day once a year, to celebrate the day they joined Reddit. The Reddit homepage, displays front page content from selected subreddits. There is a default set, registered users can customize their page. Also as a Redditor, you can can “friend” one another. The perks include quick access to posting and comments of their friend list.

Reddit does allow also  posts that do not link externally. These are dubbed “self posts” or “text submissions”. Reddit encourages links over text submissions, by allowing redditors to accumulate points (“karma”) for highly rated links, but not for self-posts. Redditors also accumulate karma for highly rated comments, on posts of both kinds. The commenting system and friend system, along with a certain “Reddit ethos” dubbed reddiquette, smear Reddit with aspects of a social network. There is however a stark contrast between say Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Reddit 1

Something I found interesting is that one of the most popular subreddits is IAmA (“I am a”) where a user may post what they are,  “AMAs” (for “Ask Me Anything”), or similarly “AMAAs” ( for “Ask Me Almost Anything”), which nudges others to ask questions on any topic. AMAs are open to all Reddit users, and use the site’s comment system for both questions and answers.

Some of the most famous people who have taken part in the IAmA subreddit are President Barrack Obama, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Actor Morgan Freeman, Former TV Personality Larry King, and Asian Mega superstar Psy whose video Gangnam Style became the first ever to surpass the billion dollar mark on YouTube. One of the most popular AMA reddits was by Rapper Snoop Dogg now Snoop Lion, which garnered 1.6 million views, fueled mostly by the rapper’s candour. Ready to Reddit?




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