How To Nab Your Dream Job Or Opportunity Through Social Media.

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Lately Radio personality Caroline Mutoko has been on the forefront of ensuring that youth in Nairobi find employment. So fervent has she been on this quest, that her page has been turned into a “recruitment portal” of sorts. She’s not complaining though. I was telling someone that everything internship or project I have been involved in for the past one year, has been as a result of social media. He deemed me nuts; I told him can’t fight the future because social media has grown in leaps and bounds to encompass various facets of life. .

Google + circles, Facebook Pages, Tweets with links to jobs and opportunities, the world is at your feet now. People are getting recruited through social media, people are getting fired thanks to social media. Let me catch myself, before this article takes a negative tangent and plunges into pessimism. After all, who likes to leave his readers bereft of hope right? Tip one, Google +. The circles you join, they allow you to interact with people, so stay vigilant. Who do you follow on Twitter, or friend on Facebook. Which pages have you liked? Pages like and Film Kenya Magazine, constantly share audition information so that actors are in the know about such opportunities.

I was just checking the OLX website, because a Nigerian friend who resides in my hood told me that he sold his Television through this platform. I was gob smacked, why would a “foreigner” be so quick to trust a platform yet here I am, dragging my feet when I should be the one hailing the greatness of technology? I had to check it out, and this is why it made it into the piece. Job adverts.

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You can post free classified ads on the OLX page, you know that right? But have you ever stopped to think of the many job adverts posted there every day? There are so many categories to choose from, name it they got it. They are on Facebook too. Other pages on Facebook that are hell-bent on ensuring that you find work, are Brighter Monday and Networked blogs, so you have no excuse to remain in the throes of ignorance.

LinkedIn also allows you to create your profile, and post information that makes you marketable to the myriad of employers that comb this site for potential employees. Nowadays people are keeping their eyes peeled for social tact and netiquette; becoming social media savvy is key to nabbing your dream job. Qualified people are a dime a dozen, you have to stand out. How? Social capital. You must not only be a great net worker, pay close attention to the posts people make. Ensure that what you post reflects your character, lest you’re called upon to justify everything you share in an interview setting.

Back to OLX, did you know that you can find jobs tailored made for you in the location you want? For example, I decided to check for entertainment related jobs, and I found quite a few in the Westland’s area which is convenient for me sans gridlocks. You can reply to an ad, just posting all your queries.

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