Have You Used Paid For/Promoted Tweets Service By Twitter?

Facebook started Facebook ads in 2007 when Microsoft acquired a 1.6% stake in it. Since then, ads have grown to be the major driver of revenue for Facebook. Of its 1.81 billion dollars second quarter revenue, ads alone raked in about 1.6 billion. That’s how impressive social media ads in terms of revenue streams.

Not to be left behind is Twitter, which now allows you to promote tweets and accounts to reach as many people as you want. So what should you know about sponsored tweets? It allows you to get your message across to the right people. You can target by gender, interest or geography. Have I gotten your attention yet?

The tweets are tailored for both desktops and mobile, as well as tablets. You as the promoter, only pay for them when they get clicked on, retweeted, favorite or replied to. Thus it means that through analytics which they provide, you are able to know full well if your content is reaching your targeted audience.

Promoted Tweet

The message is amplified such that it reaches both current and potential followers. You can thus reach more people when you have an event, product or service that you want people to know about. This means that you are only charged for the tweets you promote, which have longer staying power than the average tweets. You pay for all these via a credit card, mostly through a Paypal account. There is no monthly fee or minimum spend requirement unlike Facebook, which is ten dollars give or take. Another great feature is that you can pause and resume a campaign, whenever you feel like it.

You are also able to reach the people you want, at the time when Twitter has established they are most active, through their complex algorithms. Over time you are able to know which keywords to use, and with hashtags, it means you can trend faster. You can also target by device which means that you are able to segment your market effectively. If you are convinced that this is the way to go, just click on business.twitter.com.


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