Why Businesses Should Be On Social Media.

It has become increasingly clear that businesses need to be on social media. In an era when people reach for their smart phones and check Facebook before they even say good morning to their spouses, it is detrimental to give these platforms a wide berth.

Being on social media has a myriad of advantages, which I’m sure #KOT (Kenyans on twitter) can recite like a nursery school rhyme. I personally regularly forego lunch to buy MBS and stay in touch, yes, it is that serious. So as a business, are you still debating whether or not you should be actively visible on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc?

Last week I shared with you advantages of being on Google +, please check that out when you can. In my humble opinion, I believe it was an informative piece, as Google is hell-bent on becoming the go to platform be it for music (Youtube), blogging (Blogspot), or social networking (Google +).

First and foremost, social media allows you to fill in communication vacuums and ensure that you determine what is being said about you. In a crisis especially, many people will take to social media to vent. Should you a well known brand, you need to be at the forefront of ensuring that your clients know they are being heard. Zilch social media presence is akin to having no digital footprint; the more active you are the more visible you remain.

Social media

Social media is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your site. You could have spent tones of cash to have this awesome site, but if no one knows about it, is it for naught. By integrating social media platforms to your website, it means that you can post links that will lead them there. Facebook through sponsoring ads now allows you to reach many people, and that is the option to consider when you want the spotlight to fall on your content.

Market research is another reason why you should be on social media. There are many apps that will tell you what people are saying about your brand. This feedback ensures that you are constantly aware of what you need to tweak in your strategy. Also, you are able to scrutinize your opponents’ methods, and borrow a leaf where need be. After all, why re-invent the wheel if their cogs are working just fine?

Feedback is one very important reason why you should be on social media. People are social, they love to talk and they will discuss you. Don’t you want to know what they are saying about your latest ad for example? I’m sure Tecno Phone Company and Daystar University, know exactly what people think of their latest adverts. That is because people are very vocal, especially when their know that they are not the only ones who were irked or amused by something.

With social media, you have real-time communication that is two way and symmetrical. That is the essence of public relations. Managing communication between you and your various publics is a necessity. You need only speak up, and people will open up. Of course it goes a long way, if your content is engaging and your brand top notch. You can monitor trends, predict them, plug into social conversations by checking social trends via Trendsmap. You can share your content and engage engage engage!  Interactive brands will reap more from being on social media that dormant brands. Don’t bother to open an account on Facebook, Twitter and blog if you do not plan to post, you will be shunned when reality finally baits you.


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