Why Should You Pay For Social Omph? Find Out.

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Now that you know about the scheduling, how about I let you know about the benefits that come with paying for a platform like Social omph. I shall mention them because most of them are self explanatory.

Social omph allows you to track keywords, save and re-use tweet drafts, shorten urls, view mentions and dms efficiently, purge your tweets, and run unlimited accounts. You are also able to vet new followers, as well as dm them to thank them for following you. This is automated.

For Facebook, you can schedule status updates, schedule wall posts, schedule group updates, photo uploads and have a secure Facebook login. For Twitter, you can tweet and submit social updates via email, have multiple login access for your various employees for a flat fee, as well as authorized staff login through emails.

For your blog, you can schedule and publish blog posts, centralize and manage several blogs, and add rss feeds. Social Omph through Tweet cockpit  allows you to find quality friends to follow, tells you of keywords to use, sorts your twitter list, allows you to manage several accounts, provides integrated timelines. You are able to forward dms without having to copy paste, as well as mute irritating conversations.

Another feature is that you can schedule bulk tweets, and have them posted at your convenience to avoid spamming people. Those are some of the advantages of using Social Oomph. i shall highlight the benefits of other paid for platforms so that you as a business, are able to make informed choices concerning what to use.

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