Social Media Reacts To The Birth Of England’s Royal Baby With Memes.

meme 5

Social media greeted the birth of Kate Middleton’s baby with pomp, glee and side-splitting memes. The most hilarious ones were based on the lion king theme, and betrayed the alacrity with which people can churn out comical content when “need” arises. I just hope that duchess of Cambridge finds these “no holds barred” memes as funny as the rest of the world does.

meme 1

I decided to share some of them to show that thanks to social media, the world is so united that six degrees of separation is but a myth. It is easier to find like-minded people, who share the same humour traits as you. Also, with a hashtag like #RoyalBaby, it’s practically painless to track kindred souls.  Below is one that shows the Niagra falls lit royal blue, as well as one of the infamous Kanye West episode at the Grammies.




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