Our Fourth and Final Winner of Nokia Asha 205 Is….

Our fourth and final winner of the Nokia Asha 205 Competition is Sharon Wawira
We had asked what the readers like about  Nokia phones and whether they would recommend Nokia Asha 205 phone to their friends. – We got many informed answers and it was hard choosing the winner. But in the end Sharon’s comment stood out. Here is part of the comment:

Nokia phone hardware strengths

Here I look at the key parts of a phone and illustrate how Nokia beats the others. But though I focus on the hardware I will quickly mention that the software is also great so user friendly favoring everyone across society. Now the hardware:


Nokia phones have soft and easy to press keypads which don’t
hurt or wear the fingers when pressing. Mobile
phones users, I inclusive, text a lot and the softer the key, the more user
friendly the device is. I once had another brand of phone which required me to
grow my thumb nails and use quite some force so as to be able to press the
keys. With Nokia none of that ever happens. After prolonged use the keys of
other phones wear out, the numbers and letters become invisible and one has to
depend on their instincts to type. Not so with the Nokia whose keys remain as
good as new.


Nokia chargers are reliable. Once you plug it you are sure
the phone will charge and within the shortest period possible. No need to keep
checking whether the phone is charging or not, as it happens with some other
phones. The Nokia charger also lasts for long. Many other phones will have
their chargers and charging systems destroying so fast and users end up using
universal chargers which destroy the batteries. With a Nokia charger, you don’t
have to look for other alternative chargers.

Ear Piece & Mouth Piece
You will never hear a Nokia with faulty mouthpiece or
earpiece. Despite the dusty environment and how many times the phone actually
falls down the very essential parts remain intact. They rarely come apart or

That is not the end Read more here
Thanks to all who participated in reviewing Nokia Asha 205… you are all winners.

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