Why Google+ Is An Asset To Your Business.

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Is it just me or are people a tad bit reluctant to accept “newer” technological trends here. Case in point Google+. I do not have the statistics to prove my point, but truth is that the Kenyan penetration of Google+ in no way reflects the global milestones. Did you know that Google+ is now the second largest social networking platform globally? Pick your jaw from the floor.

Boasting of over 600 million registered users, it has over 350 million active monthly users. Many customers globally are now using Google+. With the Gmail address being the preferable email address for loads of people in Kenya, it is only a matter of time before people yield to this nudge and dive in.

Google plus has made inroads where angels fear to tread. Fear is a mild word, so I dare say dread. In two years give or take, it has taken the social networking bull by the horns, emerging bloody but unbowed. Now it sits right at the top of the food chain, well almost.


So what does this spell for your business? Opportunities galore. Google+ was created with a clear intention to be integrated into Google’s myriad web platforms for example Gmail and YouTube. Ignore Google+ at your own peril. That means that should you embrace this technology wholeheartedly, your search engine rankings increase exponentially.

Now there are features by Google+ that you cannot afford to ignore, if you are a business in Kenya. Expatriates and other people are increasingly depending on the web, to know where to eat shop or socialize. Google plus allows you to “discover great places with reviews from people in your circles. You’ll see their recommendations all across Google, including Google+, Search, and Maps. Precise scores for aspects like Food, Service and Decor help you choose the right places for any occasion.”

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Google+ Local lets you share your experiences and photos, as expressively as you can. Recommendations from people you know and trust, show up when you search for restaurants and other businesses. Knowing the reviewer and their tastes, helps you pick the right places to go. Reviews are tallied to create scores on a 30-point scale, for different aspects of a business, like Food, Service and Decor. Word of mouth as they say is still the best form of advertising, because trust is the most precious commodity.

Google+ Local page allows customers to click on “Write a review” to share their thoughts about a business. They can submit scores for different aspects of the business, write a detailed review, and even add photos of the business. These features are what make Google+ an asset.

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I could end my article there, because that paragraph alone hits the nail on the head. According to Google, Hangouts works right inside of Gmail. It allows you to surreptitiously take a break from email and send some emoji or call your friends. You can upgrade Chat to Hangouts, by clicking on your photo icon in Gmail’s chat list.

Another advantage is that a hangout consists of ten people. You can circumvent this by streaming YouTube videos to thousands more. Also, you need not fret about the kinds of computers and phones your friends use. Hangouts works across computers, and on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So you can connect with everyone, and no one gets left out.


Hangouts on your computer allow you to type in a phone number or pick one of your contacts. Once you’re talking, it’s easy to add more people and start a conference call, turn your conversation into a video call, or add fun sound effects. Sadly, only calls placed to the US and Canada are free, the rest of us have to contend with lower calling rates. Not bad really.

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