Tecno Phantom Ad: Worst Mobile Phone Ad Ever Made?

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The Techno Phantom A is most likely the worst ad ever made ad for a mobile brand campaign. If you have not watched the Tecno ad on YouTube we have embedded it here below for your viewing pleasure.

I am not sure what to make of Johnson Mwakazi  on that ad. As somebody mentioned on Twitter it is like those witchcraft scenes on the Nigerian movies. The worst part is that it takes up to 2.40 minutes before someone can tell what exactly he is talking about or doing.

The thing is, this ad, could still end up being the most effective ad ever for Tecno based on the bad publicity it is generating. Yes it is bad publicity but as someone rightly said ‘all publicity is good publicity’. The Tecno phone being talked about Phantom A is a great phone given the price point of Ksh20,000. Read more about Tecno here


What is your opinion on the topic?
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