Uganda Investment Authority Website Hacked- Security #Fail

It seems Uganda Investment Authority Website is the current victim of hacking . Well, we have seen this around here and  It is another warning that individuals, Government institutions and even companies sites are not safe online. As much as it is impossible to be 100% secure, I think that most institutions, companies and individuals in East Africa don’t take cyber security seriously. Even this hacker supposedly from Brazil realized that and left the message of “Security Fail”


It is time for the institutions to realize the danger they are facing online and invest on having secure systems.

Usually a website might seen to be perfectly healthy but in between there are vulnerabilities which  hackers can exploit. Hackers normally create a number of software programs that exploit any sign of weakness or  vulnerabilities across the internet.

Here are a few ways through which gain access:

  • Use of out dated or insecure software is dangerous. If for example you are using the popular content management systems like Joomla or WordPress, it is advisable to ensure that you move with time. Update the software and the plugins regularly
  • Hackers look ways to steal the login details.  First step is to use a strong password. But that alone is not enough especially if someone steal it. The password should be changed after a given intervals…may be three months
  • Exploting the weakness on a PC. Sometime hackers get their way to website through the owner’s computer. Done simply by installing malicious software called malware on your computer and then use that to get access of the login details. It is not too late to a good Anti-Virus


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