Our Third Winner of Nokia Asha 205 is…..

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Our third winner of the Nokia Asha 205 Competition is Samuel Ndungu
Last week we had asked the readers to compare Nokia Asha 205 with any other phone and to state why Nokia Asha 205 stands out. Here is part of his comment

I will compare the Nokia Asha 205 with the Alcatel OT-301 which is the

phone I own.

1. The Nokia Asha 205 has a dual SIM capability while the Alcatel OT –

301 only supports one SIM card. This means with the Nokia you can have

one phone holding both the business and friends/ family lines. No need

to have 2 phones bulging from your pocket. Also with the Nokia Asha

205 you use the Sim Hot Swap to seamlessly interchange between SIM

cards, with the Alcatel you have to do it manually ; remove the

battery , insert the new SIM card, reset the time.. its just too


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What is your opinion on the topic?
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