Now You Can Withdraw Money From Paypal Account Through Equity Bank

And this has been very long overdue especially for those who do online transactions in Kenya. Many Kenyans especially techies have accounts with Paypal, through which they use to receive money from outside the country but not able to withdraw the cash, unless through some form of Barter Trade.

We know that it has been rumored for sometime that Equity Bank was working on a deal with Paypal to enable Kenyans to withdraw the money from Paypal accounts. It is great to see that it is now possible to do so. And for that I have to dust my long forgotten equity Bank account and the card. I hope the lines on their banking halls are not as long as it used to be

Here is the process according Equity Bank’s website
Create and veryfy your Paypal account
Open an Equity Bank account
Start getting paid online with Paypal
Withdraw your money from your Paypal account

That is straigght forward, and Moses Kemibaro as mentioned here, this will help the Kenyans in the diaspora to easily send money back to their loved ones in Kenya.


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