Pinterest; that’s today’s buzzword.. So how do you join it you ask? It’s as simple as a b c.

Sign up: That simple, head on to, and sign up. From there, you can link it to either Facebook or twitter. This allows you to connect, as well as trace your favorite brands and blogs. Remember, pinning is no fun if you don’t know who’s got the information you need!

Create a profile. Rule of thumb with every social media platform you’re on is to use the same username and profile picture/avi. It helps people to track you.

Once that is done, start pinning. Email notifications are those awesome alerts that notify you, when someone likes or even repins something you’ve posted. Now that that’s out of the way, what then do you need to remember? Pinterestmarketing offers a number of tips that I have paraphrased.


Have Pinteresting images! Yes, content is king on social media, but great images are the master kings bows to. Never forget this important piece of information, images especially on social media scream out loud. Also, have images that focus on exactly what you want to say. Your board is your ‘portfolio’, and the images you post determine if they will attract traffic or not. Traffic equals potential brand ambassadors, and customers.

A key point to consider is that you need to watermark your original images. Repins are like retweets, but on steroids. That means that an image can spread like wildfire in very little time. To ensure that you do not lose a business opportunity, brand or watermark your images. In social media lingo, we call that content curation.

As is the secret with search engine optimization, keywords are imperative if you want to get noticed. Add a # before a keyword, Google analytics have made it easier to know what people are looking for. Also, please ensure that your information is pinnable; people will share information they know their friends will want to see, let them.



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