Attention Global Minded Brands, Here’s Why You Need To Be On Pinterest.

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Are you a brand that keeps wondering what social media platforms to utilize? You should definitely consider Pinterest. It allows you to share as much information as possible, using amazing images that capture. The statistics concerning this platform are amazing, considering that it is around three years old.

Pinterest is described as a tool cum platform for collecting and organizing things you love. They could be articles or images, and the great thing about it is that you can have different boards to organize all your information.  Users look for information or images that appeal to them, and repin them on their own boards. Below then are some amazing facts about Pinterest that you need to know. They were originally shared by Levent Cem Aydan, who blogs extensively on matters Pinteresting.

According to Levent, 70% of pinners are on Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy, compared to Facebook’s 17%. 69% of consumers who visit Pinterest, find the product that they are searching for, as compared to Facebook’s 17%. In Kenya for example, Facebook has seen a rise in pages like Soko Kuu, Soko Nyeusi, but there is no way to authenticate or ensure that the products on offer are genuine or in perfect shape.

43% preferred to associate with brands or retailers via Pinterest, as compared to Facebook’s 24%.  67% chose Pinterest for keeping up with trends on Pinterest, compared to Facebook’s 22%.  Also Pinterest users spent 89 minutes per visit. In Twitter the average minute per visit is only about 21 minutes. Are you taking notes?

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Pinterest’s repin rates are 80%, meanwhile Twitter retweet rate is about 1.4%. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Linkedin, Googleplus, and Youtube combined. 81% of social media users depend on Pinterest, and rely on Pinterest suggestions. That is in comparison to Facebook’s 33% and Twitter’s 31%.

I’d like to point out, that these stats are for the American market, but globally Pinterest is growing at a rate of 20 million users annually. That means that if you want to position yourself for global attention, join the bandwagon asap!

Pinterest actually attracts more than 20 million unique visitors a month, and almost 80% of its users are women! If you are a brand focusing on the female population, then this is news to run with. A recent study shows that 66% of Linkedin users are male.

Trustworthiness for Pinterest ranks highest at over 80%, as compared to Facebook and Twitter which stand at about 70% and 75% respectively. Also, pinterest users follow more brands, as compared to Facebook and Twitter users. Lastly according to Venture Beat, Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click as Twitter, and 27% more than Facebook.




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